Have you received you Stimulus Check?

I recently received a $1200 check form the IRS…..I filed and extenstion on my taxes and certainly was not expecting any monies back… I actually scratched my head wondering what this was for – after some research – figured out is was my households Stimulus check.

Have you not received your 2007 Stimulus Break?

An estimated 4 million individuals are still eligible to received the payment by filing a 2008 income tax t return.  For a single filer, the minimum payment is $300 and the maximum is $600.  For couples the payments range from $600 to $1200. You must file a tax return with the Internal Revenue Service.

Who is eligible??

Those that have received at least $3000 in Social Security benefits, veteran’s benefits, certain railroad retirement benefits or earned income in 2007.

If you normally do not file a tax return, complete Form 1040A, available at www.irs.gov.

Good luck!